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About Us

Walls Down Collective is a grassroots group located in Calgary, Alberta. Together we work to take down walls by creating access to no-barrier resources and care.


Community Building

Community Engagement


Community Safety

Community Knowledge


We have made a choice to operate on a grassroots level (NOT a registered charity or nonprofit) so we can remain loyal and dedicated to the PEOPLE, shifting the way we respond based on the needs to be met rather than navigating the barriers that come from having to answer to funders or government agencies.  We are grateful to our communities who continue to support our efforts in creating networks of care, support and safety. 

Get involved

There are various ways to get involved with the Walls Down Collective. Though we have many tasks at hand, we know there is always more that can be done. If you don't find something that meets your needs of accessibility or skills, or if you'd like to share new ideas, please let us know so we can explore new ways to better show up for our communities!

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